The moonstone mask a wonderful inn.


A vertigo-inducing journey along a cliffside trail takes the adventurous to a new fixture ofthe Neverwinter skyline.  The earthmote now known as the Moonstone floats beside the western edge of the Protector’s Enclave,

Moonstone Mask

high over the docks below. It hangs a hundred feet above the crashing waves of the Sea of Swords, bound in place by thick chains strung to heavy anchors. A bridge that runs between the earthmote and the docks normally allows visitors to enter and exit the Moonstone, however this was demolished by the eruption of mount hotentot and the recent attacks. A portal now stands where the entrance to the bridge used to be, created by the mages guild of neverwinter.  The inn for which the mote is named, the Moonstone Mask, offers guests lavish quarters, pleasurable company, and a hard-to-beat view.

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